How softly now the snowflakes fall
To blanket Mother Earth,
When the Autumn days have ended,
And Winter's given birth.

The happy sounds of skaters drift
From a nearby pond
Where only yesterday, it seems,
Ducks swam peacefully along.


The frosty breeze that bites the nose
Prevailing everywhere,
But, oh, there is no doubting,
There's beauty beyond compare.

Each little yard's a feather bed
As soft as eiderdown,
The trees are draped with ermine wraps
And sparkling diamond crowns.


A cozy fire upon the hearth,
A cup of tea ... a friend,
Some toasty muffins to be shared.
A perfect Winter's blend.

I think God knew that we would need
The softness of the snow,
A time for quiet reflection
After Autumn's dazzling show.

~ Kay Hoffman ~

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The graphic at the top of this page was made
from a painting by Nicky Boehme

Original music entitled "Each New Day"
is composed and copyrighted 2000 by Bruce DeBoer
Used With Permission.

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