When ...?

When did you change the flowers, God,
And put more blossoms near my front door?
When did the weeds become flower-like, too,
And the pansies start smiling galore?


When did the clouds become fluffier
And the sky become bluer, too?
When did the stars become brighter at night,
And fresher ... the new morning dew?


When did street noises become music-like,
And night owls become Gabriel s horn?
When did the birds first sound like a choir?
And sing Hallelujah each morn?


When did my house turn into a home,
And my children's laughter ... a bell?
When did fresh air become sweetly perfumed,
And the daisies first start to tell?

When did my neighbors all start to smile,
And say, "Hi there!  How are you?"
When did the mailman start petting my dog,
And my dog start liking him, too?

Here's Your Bone!

When did I see how handsome the man,
Who lived in the house next door?
Or how beautiful ... his lovely wife,
That I had not noticed before?


When did the old folk, who lived down the block,
Start smiling and waving to me?
When did the children from ‘cross the street,
First bring me their treasures to see?

When did heaven move into my grasp,
And my whole earthly world change, too?
I know! I know! Dear Lord ...
That's when ... I first met You!

~ Virginia Ellis ~
Copyright © 1999


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