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Find Out What Number You Are


You're sitting there smiling as proud as can be,
That you are the one he adores;
You can't wait for all of your friends to meet him,
To show them the stud that is yours.

Before you're so sure of the love that you've found,
That makes you light up like a star ...
Remember the others who sat where you're sittin'
So find out what number you are.


You were so careful selecting a hunk
That would stay by your side evermore,
He kisses and hugs you ... he swears that he loves you,
But can you really be sure.

He's got everything that you've always dreamed of,
But before you go very far ...
Look all around at the folks who have loved him,
Find out what number you are.


You're not Number One ... I can swear that is true,
You're not even lucky to be Number Two,
No, you are a number much higher my friend,
A Seven or Eight ... maybe Nine, even Ten.

I'm sorry to tell you that it's almost over,
It's only a matter of time ...
Just ask me about him, for no one knows better,
For one time that cowboy was mine.


Yes, I'm number One ... that title is mine,
So drink some for me at the bar;
Remember before you get into it heavy,
Just find out what number you are.

Find out what number you are.
Find out what number you are.
Find out what number you are.
Find out what number you are.

Copyright 1996 by E. V. Hall
All Rights Reserved
No part of this music or words may be reproduced or used in any way
without the prior written permission of Elaine Hall


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