The Red Mustang


The young man saw a "4 Sale" sign
On an old Mustang and thought ...
"That has to be mine!"

He pulled his dad's car to the side of the road
And wondered how that '65 red baby drove.

An ol' lady saw him peek his head in,
She said "I couldn't sell this to you,"
As she forced a little grin.


"You see son, it's been garaged,
In that special place in the yard,"
"And every morning I start her up
And drink my coffee there
Thinking of all the good times
That my husband and I had shared."

"It's been a link between us
For all of these years
And I really hate to sell her,"
As she wiped away some tears.

"But now this house is too much for me
And I no longer can hold on to this memory."

"And somehow I'd like to sell it
To someone who'd understand
That this car must be treated kindly ...
Even though it's second hand."


He looked at the frail ol' lady
As he walked up and touched her hand,
He said, "Because I'm just a kid ...
Don't think I don't understand."

"If you'd allow me to buy this car,
No matter how far you are ...
I'll drive by here once a week
So you can drink your coffee
In the passengers seat;
And I will go for a nice long walk
So you and your husband can quietly talk.


Well, she sold that red Mustang to him
In hopes that he didn't lie,
And every Sunday morning
The young man would drive it by.

And now he has a little son
Who's been brought up to understand ...
No matter how that red car fades,
He'll keep it as long as it can.

Elaine V. Hall ~
Copyright 2000
Used with permission

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Original music composed by Tom Williams III,
Copyright 1996-2001 Dreamsharer Music, Ltd.
Used With Permission.

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