Oh Such Visions


When I close my eyes, I see
Whatever I desire,
Per my moods, I pick and choose,
Scenes I most admire.

Sometimes I do recall,
Places where I've been,
Other times, unknown spheres
Become my discipline.

If I am very tired,
I can close my eyes and see
The last dollop of the sun,
Slowly sinking in the sea.


I see rosy-red reflections
Upon a buttermilk sky,
And purple-shadowed waters
Ever moving with the tide.

I watch the colors subtly change,
When the light is nearly done,
Just tinted edges do remain,
All but abandoned by the sun.


Next, I lose the separation
Between the ocean and the sky,
My horizon is erased,
The day has died ... the night's alive.

Sparkling diamonds are revealed,
One by one, their facets gleam,
It's as if there are so many,
All heaven's bursting at its seams.


Then in a corner of the sky,
A tiny moon comes into view,
And from its star-embedded pillow,
It casts off a golden hue.

Then I see white ocean foam,
I taste the whipped-creamed waves,
Tantalizing, in they come,
Taunting, then they run away.

Soothing, rhythmic, flowing waters,
Ocean sounds within my ear,
I hear sweetly singing sirens,
My awareness very clear.


Oh such visions I've been given,
I never need to pack and leave,
Total freedom ... without limits,
I close my eyes and I perceive.

Around the world, around the heavens,
As often as I wish, I go,
I choose my time, my destination,
Will I return?  That's mine to know.

~ Virginia Ellis ~
Copyright 2001

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