My child, listen ...
And do not fear,
What I have to say,
Only you can hear.

Yes, this voice is someone
Who loved you so dearly;
I want you to know,
That I can see you clearly.


Dry your eyes
And wipe away that tear;
I will always be there,
Yet not quite so near.

There is an important message
That I need for you to understand;
Even from here,
One can lend a helping hand.

Think not that I am gone
And shall never hear you;
It is only now that I know
All that you do.


It is true ... I have passed on
To a different place;
Here we know neither
Color nor race.

I know that I am no longer
Someone you are able to see;
But listen to your heart
And you will feel me.


Your life shall go on,
My love for you instilled;
It is my fondest desire,
That your dreams be fulfilled.

I am at peace now
As I watch over you;
My love is ever present,
There is no more I can do.

Take care of our family
And all our friends as well;
As your life goes on
There will be many stories to tell.


My departure was a separation,
But I do not want you to mourn;
It was such a blessing to be there
On the day you were born.

You will seek out all the pleasures
And love all that life has to hold;
Remember that I will be there
While you're young and when you're old.

~ Robert Beau ~

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