Turning Green

The wearing of the green,
And the drinking of green beer,
Even a river dyed to green,
To signify this day is here.

Looking for the Blarney Stone,
To give it a big kiss;
But watch it for those Blarney stones,
They sometimes are amiss!

The search for a four leaf clover,
To bring us that Irish luck;
And the swing of a shellaly,
With which, you could be struck.

Started out as religious,
Then it came to the USA;
Now, it's a day to party,
In the true American way.

And no matter what your history,
It seems, at least for awhile,
Everybody turns to Irish,
Though not all, do it with style.

But, most will have a good time,
Some will rue the day they were born,
As they may actually turn green,
When they awaken the next morn.

~ Del "Abe" Jones ~
Copyright 2009

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