Tooth Fairy


Carefully placed under a pillow of white
Lay one little tooth as she turned out the light;
Her eyes closed in slumber, a smile on her face,
Covered up to her chin with a quilt momma made.


Quietly hovering above her sweet head,
A room full of fairies looked down on her bed,
Little gold bags were carried by some,
While others had wands that glowed like the sun.


Each one had a job to fulfill in the night,
Some brought gold coins and others brought light;
Together they worked as they flitted about,
Replacing the tooth with some coins to be found.


Their job was complete as she let out a sigh,
They floated to the ceiling way up high,
Out of the window and into the night,
The tooth fairies flew leaving behind such delight.

Sand ~
Copyright 2001
Used with permission

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