On the Death Of A Thirteen Year Old


Little child, you packed your toys,
You no longer wished to play;
Then all alone ... all by yourself,
You gave your little life away.

What were you thinking ...
What were your thoughts?
What was in your troubled mind?
Oh such confusion ... no one knew,
Why so sad, dear child of mine?


You gave up before you started,
Why so eager to depart?
Honey, just around the corner,
Better things for you, sweetheart.

Could I have helped?  You didn't ask.
How could I have been so blind?
Such grown up sadness in my baby,
If only we had had more time.


Surely God was ready for you,
That is what I tell myself;
But, why couldn't He have warned me,
Some way I might have helped.

I don't understand ... I never will,
My pain so deep, I want to follow;
I am left with such a void,
I have been drained, and I am hollow.


I pray God holds you in His arms,
How bad He wanted you;
For such a short time you were ours,
And so very much we loved you, too.

We have no choice ... we must abide,
By what God has deemed this day;
But, precious child, I'll always wonder,
What made you put your toys away?

~ Virginia (Ginny) Ellis ~
Copyright 2000

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