The River


In the early days of our great country, a father and his young son were making a journey into the nearby village to acquire some tools and supplies.  Starting early in the morning, the two set forth on their assignment.

To reach their destination, they had to cross a narrow stream and proceed through the woods, the countryside, and finally into the center of town.

After completing their mission, they began their return trip home.  As they walked along, a severe thunderstorm erupted.

With the heavy downpour of water, the stream that was virtually nonexistent in the morning swelled to twice its size, and the waters swirled viciously against tree roots and rocks and rolled furiously downstream.

Fear rose within the child and the wise father offered to carry his son.  Into the open arms of the father climbed the youngster, and experiencing safety and security, he quickly fell asleep in his father's strong and protective arms.

On arriving home, the father placed the sleeping child into bed.  In the morning, with the sun shining through the windows, the youngster awoke in pleasant and comfortable surroundings.

Safe, comfortable and content, no longer fearful, he inquired, "Am I home?  Did my father carry me across the raging waters?"

His mother responded with, "Yes, my child, your father brought you safely home.  You are in your room in your father's house, snug and unharmed."

So it will be with each of us as we cross "the river" and awaken in a special room in a very special house.

~ Author Unknown ~

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