1. All my artwork is copyrighted but I do allow the pictures in the CD's to be used for the creation of background websets, email stationery, signature tags, screensavers, and other webgraphics as long as they are intended to be used on a non-profit basis and just used for PERSONAL USE ONLY. The images are NOT TO BE SOLD in any form and must be available for FREE. They may NOT be used on commercial sites or sites that involve commercial activities unless permission has been granted.

2. If you use any of the images in the Graphics CD's for web sets, signature cards, tags, globes, etc, the graphic that is created must be embedded with a copyright symbol and my name like this:  Penny Parker.    This is just a small courtesy for allowing free use of the art.

3. Under NO circumstances, the CREATION OF "TUBES" IS NOT ALLOWED and placed on any websites or passed around in graphic groups or to anyone else. To do so is a violation of the copyright laws.  However, if you are creating a tag, you are permitted to create a tube for your own personal use as long as it is not passed to anyone else and the created tag is embedded with a copyright symbol and my name as stated in Number 2 above.

4. You are permitted to use the images for any personal hobby as long as they are not used on any products used for resale.

5. A link MUST be placed ON the SAME page(s) my graphics are displayed on and referred back to:

NOTE:  Under NO circumstances is credit on a "Links" page or a page of "Credits" acceptable.  The link must be placed on the SAME page as the graphics are on.

6. Please do not distort my artwork and leave the image to be shown in its context because my artwork does mean something to me. You are allowed to add frames, feather the edges out, add sparkles, animate, etc.   None of the images may be used with the works of other artists.

7. NONE of my graphics may be redistributed or resold.  Images are NOT to be used to create filters, brushes, tubes, nozzles, or dingbat fonts and may NOT be used in or included on a compilation CD, graphic collections of clip art, computer bulletin board, etc.  For printed applications of any type, please contact me by email.

8. Please refrain from using any of my artwork, graphics or backgrounds on any pages promoting child abuse, hate, bigotry, racism, animal abuse, and/or pornographic activities.  I retain the right to refuse use if your site is of low moral benefit.

9. Download graphics to your own server or computer.  NEVER link off someone else's server.  This is called "bandwidth robbery" and means that every time someone opens your site, and the images on someone else's server are referenced by your page, they have to pay for the "bandwidth" it took to transfer the images to your site. This is the primary reason my Linkware Websets have to be disabled for a short time at the end of each month.

10. If, for any reason, I request that the images from my site be removed from your site, you will be given 72 hours to comply.  Violations of the Terms Of Use could subject you to this request.

Thank you so very much for your interest in my art!
I appreciate your respect, understanding, and your cooperation.

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Unless otherwise noted, Copyrights (c) are retained by Penny Parker on all existing art,
images and graphics located in this site.  All Rights Reserved.