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~ Cead Mile Failte! ~
(One Hundred Thousand Welcomes!)

Top O' The Mornin' To You!

It's that time of year to watch out for the "wee folk" ... Irish Leprechauns, that is!  It's also the time when the shamrocks appear and for "the wearing o' the green," as we honor the patron saint of Ireland, Bishop Patrick, and everything Irish.

In Ireland they honor St. Patrick with a national holiday and a week of religious festivites. Celebrations in the U.S. include parades, festive dinners, parties and green beer.  St. Patrick's Day is the day everyone gets to be Irish!


I would like to share with ye something special that came all the way from Ireland!  It's just a small token of appreciation for the wealth of happiness that "YE," all my precious friends, have brought to me from this web site.  Each and every one of ye have become my very own little "pot of gold" at the end of my rainbow and ye are all worth much more to me than any other riches I could ever own.


According to legend, a person who kisses the Blarney Stone in Ireland is endowed with the gift of eloquence and persuasive flattery (aka *Blarney*)  Since we're not all fortunate enough to go to Ireland, we now have a virtual "Traveling Blarney Stone."

To kiss the stone in Ireland, ye have to lie on your back and bend backward and downward while holding on to a metal bar to position yourself to reach it.  Ye may stimulate this experience by bending over backwards in your chair and clicking on the virtual "Blarney Stone" below to see ye upside-down kisses and to receive this Irish gift as well!.

If you don't have Java Applet capabilities ...
"Click Here."

I have tried to include in these pages some of the things that I hope will bring ye some enjoyment for this very special holiday and hope they will place ye right in the Spirit for St. Patrick's Day.

Just click on any of the pages that may seem of interest to ye.

St. Patrick Day Poems:

Shamrock   An Irish Blessing - Roma Downey
Shamrock   Ireland
Shamrock   The Leprechaun
Shamrock   What Is An Irishman?
Shamrock   An Irish Blessing
Shamrock   An Irishman's Philosophy
Shamrock   Legend Of The Blarney Stone
Shamrock   Legend Of The Leprechaun
Shamrock   The Land Of Love, Legends And Laughter
Shamrock   Never Pick Up A Leprechaun
Shamrock   Saint Patrick's Day
Shamrock   Turning Green

Leprechaun     Leprechaun

St. Patrick Day Legends

Shamrock    Legend Of St. Patrick
Shamrock    Legend Of The Leprechaun
Shamrock    Legend Of the Shamrock
Shamrock    Legend Of the Blarney Stone

Leprechaun     Leprechaun

Irish Songs
(Lyrics and Music to sing along with)

Shamrock   (The) Black Velvet Band
Shamrock   Cockles And Mussels
Shamrock   Danny Boy
Shamrock   Irish Lullaby
Shamrock   Loch Lomond
Shamrock   My Wild Irish Rose
Shamrock   Rose Of Tralee
Shamrock   Skibbereen
Shamrock   When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Shamrock   Whiskey In The Jar

Leprechaun     Leprechaun

Thank ye all so very much for visiting
The St. Patrick's Place!

I would like to wish each and every one of ye
A Very Grand St. Patrick's Day!

I hope the very best "Luck of the Irish"
will touch all that ye do
on this day and all the days that follow!


I leave ye with this Old Celtic Blessing:

May those who love us ... love us!
And for those that don't love us ...
May God turn their hearts;
And if He doesn't turn their hearts ...
May He turn their ankles
So we may know them by their limpin'!


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