An Angel Has Spoken


An angel has spoken,
His words did I hear,
Be not afraid, my child,
I am always so near.

Those times
When the darkness of night
Seems so endless and long,
When the suns warm touch
Is far from the dawn,
You draw yourself in,
Hide from the dark,
Fear not my child,
For I am thy spark.


I lighten your path,
I hold you within,
You are not alone,
The veil is so thin.

I hear you in silence,
Your fears do I sense,
Darkness is ending,
Light shall commence.


Your pains do I share,
My heart reaches for you,
I weep when you suffer,
My love is so true.

As a child, you called to me,
You needed me there,
My wings to protect you,
To guide you with care.


With age, you forgot me,
You looked another way,
But I am still with you,
How I long for the day.

As days turn to months,
So months turn to years,
You find yourself seeking,
The angels, in tears.


I fly to you swiftly,
With wings soaring high,
To embrace your sweet spirit,
Behold it is I.

As youth you did need me,
To hold you so near,
I never have left you,
Your Guardian so dear.


I walk with you always,
Never shall I stray,
I am Your Angel,
I will show you the way.

Michael Williams  ~
Copyright 1988
Used with permission

This poem was written as a dedication
to his son, Keelan,
who passed on to be with the angels.

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