Your Special Angel

I am your special angel,
On orders from above,
To see that as a child of God,
You receive some special love.

God sent me down to find you,
I knew exactly where to look ...
For your name is written down,
In God's big address book.


He said I'd recognize you,
From your tiny turned-up nose;
You'd also have two shell-like ears,
Complete with two ear lobes.

He gave me then a choice,
Of your left ear or your right;
Said I could stay in either one,
So I'd be with you day and night.


So, if your ear begins to tickle,
From the flutter of my wings,
Remember I'm an angel,
And angels do those things.

Now, if you get to feeling sad,
Or maybe kind of scared,
Just tug upon your earlobe,
I promise to be there.


I'll come straight to your rescue,
Because that's my job to do,
God thinks you're very special,
That's why He sent me down to you!

~ Virginia Ellis ~
Copyright 2000

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