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Of all the pages in my entire web site, these are by far my favorite.  They contain pages of the greatest loves of my life ... my children and grandchildren.  These pages have been created with a very deep love from the bottom of my heart.

"What is Scrapbooking?"

Scrapbooking is the practice of combining photos, memorabilia and stories in a scrapbook style album.  Scrapbooking has been around as long as there have been photos, but the scrapbooking that has evolved in the 1990's is something new and different.

Scrapbookers today can take advantage of the scientific knowledge available in the area of photo preservation to ensure that their precious photos are not just in a scrapbook, but that they are in a scrapbook that will help protect them from deterioration.  Because of this, future generations may be spared the yellowed, faded color photos of their childhood that many of us now own.

Today's techniques of preserving our photographs combine photo safe papers, inks and stickers, with creatively decorated layouts and journaling.  My biggest problem with it has been that instead of using a lot of stickers, I have a tenancy to draw my own pictures for decorating the pages.  That can become quite time-consuming and as a result, I'm not getting very many pages done!  *Smile*

The following pages contain some of my favorite memory album pages that I have made.  I do hope to be adding more pictures as time allows.  Just click on the picture you'd like to see for a larger view.

My My Kim John-Boy

Andy Mikey Zach Andy

Cinderella Splash Shamu Angels

Quenton Jesus Zoo Zoo

Wedding Wedding Eddy  

If you are one who has piles of photographs sitting in old shoe boxes gathering dust or are slowly deteriorating away in old-style photo albums, here are a few links to help you explore this fun and creative way to preserve those golden memories.

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