"Love Story"


I named this page "Love Story" for a very special reason.  Shown here is my daughter, Kim, and her fiancÚ, Mike.  Mike is the father of my grandson, Mikey.

Kim and Mike had a very close, loving, and extraordinary relationship.  They had known each other from a very young age and grew up being "childhood sweethearts."  They were very, very much in love in a very special way.

Kim was four months pregnant when Mike was tragically and suddenly taken away from us in an auto accident at the young age of 22 years.  It was very difficult for everyone to accept his death because Mike was so full of life and he had so much love within himself to share with everyone.  Kim and Mike were inseparable.  Their lives were in the midst of such youthful enjoyment, they were filled with so much hope, and they had so many wonderful and special dreams to be fulfilled.  His death had a very devastating effect on everyone that had ever known him.

This picture was taken shortly before his death and it has become a treasure to us all.  I cropped their picture from the photograph and made a different background.  Their lives together were a true "Love Story."

In Loving Memory of Michael Lee Garcia
His special love will always live on in our hearts.
March 10, 1970 - October 23, 1992

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