Pudgy, Chubby Angels

Chubby Angel

Most people think that Angels,
Are tiny, little thing;
With tiny, little bodies,
And tiny, little wings.

And though their wings are delicate,
They do fly place to place;
Their wings seem to be sufficient,
To carry them through space.


But my Angel is quite different,
She's pudgy, plump, and round;
Her wings are too inadequate,
To lift her from the ground.

So, she doesn't travel very far,
She stays quite close to home;
God planned for her to be this way,
He did not choose for her to roam.


Since she never, ever leaves the house,
I wonder where she stays;
I only see her here at night,
She disappears most days.

How do I know she is an Angel?
Because God told me so;
He sends her to me every night,
To soothe my cares and woes.


Her smile is truly heaven sent,
When she smiles at me, I'm blest;
Her laughter is like tinkling bells,
Her voice pure loveliness.

Because she is so chubby,
She gives the greatest hugs;
I think that God has made her,
His First Ambassador of Love.


She helps me feel secure and safe,
I'm glad she cannot fly;
For plump and dimpled Angels,
Would be scary in the sky.

My pudgy, chubby Angel,
Kisses booboos, too;
Her loving hugs feel warm and snug,
Just like my Mommy's do!

~ Virginia Ellis ~
Copyright 1999

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