Potter's Wheel


When youíre troubled and discouraged
In the darkness of the night;
When obstruction clouds your vision
And you just can't see the light.

When lifeís trials overcome you
And you have nowhere to turn;
When youíve reached the very bottom,
There are lessons you must learn.

For the clay is being molded,
Itís been twisted, pulled and tossed,
Itís been rolled and itís been pounded,
Till the ego has been lost.

He will put you through the furnace,
Youíll be tested to the brim,
Your life will be in pieces,
Till you give your soul to Him.

From blemish to perfection,
His hands will form the clay;
This human piece of rubble
Must let God have His way.

When you come to Him all battered
In the form of mortal man,
When you cry to Him in mercy,
You will find the Potterís hand.

He will grind you, mold and chisel,
The friction you will feel,
Till He gently carves and shapes you
Upon the Potterís wheel.

~ Copyright Marilyn Ferguson ~

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