Pillar Of The Church


Religious, pious lady,
Filled with pride inside,
Pillar of the church,
Virtue personified.

Admired from a distance,
Smart at what she does,
Dramatically reads scripture,
Enjoys her applause.


Very good at praying,
Knows many holy words,
Holds her palms together,
Face tilted heavenward.

Dresses well for church,
Neighbors so impressed,
Often makes them feel put down,
In their simple dress.


With the passing of the plate,
Drops few coins in,
If church in search of volunteers,
Rarely joins in.

As a member of a group,
When things don't go her way,
Packs her toys, like a child,
And goes elsewhere to play.


In unguarded moments,
Envy clouds her eyes,
With tiny glints of dislike,
And telltale signs of lies.

Bows head at the altar,
Raises voice in song,
Epitome of sanctity,
Who says right or wrong?


Hypocrisy ... sincerity?
God will so resolve,
Pray for her ... for you ... for me,
Pray we're all absolved.

~ Virginia (Ginny) Ellis ~
Copyright 2000

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