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Uh-oh! ... It looks like some critters have been walking around on the background again!  Which birds are flying around now?  Did the lizards and gerbils get loose, too?  Get the dog food away from the pig!  Oh, no ... the chickens are in the house!  Oh dear!  Another typical day around here!

Well, as you can see, we have many pets at our house.  We do love animals.  They depend on people so much for food, shelter and love.  We can't imagine a world without them.

Come on in and see some of them while you're here!


(I sure hope you're ready for this)!

We have 5 Dogs ...

"PRINCESS" is Zach's Alaskan Husky.  She's the ruler of the house when she comes inside at night.  She controls the dog food and won't let "Shikata" eat anything while they're indoors!


"SHIKATA" is John-Boy's Siberian Husky.  He's the master of the back yard.  He won't let "Princess" eat any dog food outside.


"ZOIE" is Angel's Golden Retriever.  She loves the kids and follows them like a shadow.  She even jumps on the trampoline with them!


"LADY" belongs to Andy.  She's just a "Heinz-57" Hound-Dog (mostly Cocker-Spaniel).  She's always been an excellent dog for all the grandkids and is very protective of them.


"SCAMPER" is Mikey's Cock-A-Poo.  Her tail never stops wagging and we can't keep her out of the fish pond in the front yard!


We also have one cat,"FLUFFY."   She is the oldest one of the whole bunch.  She's been an excellent cat as she's never bothered the birds or any of the other little critters that are around here.


There are also TOO many gerbils.  We bought them as "4 females" and they've had gobs of babies ever since!  (So much for believing people in the pet shop).


We have a Parakeet and 3 Cockatiels who are all very tame and friendly.  They just hang out in the kitchen on their perches.  They love being around the family!

Then there's "BUGSY" ... the attack bird!  He won't let anyone go near Andy.  Bugsy is very protective of him and follows him everywhere he goes.  The rest of the family has become very good at "dodging" Bugsy when he comes near us!!!


Andy's newest pet is a Green-Gold Macaw named "TIKI."  He is just a young bird and is a real sweetheart.  He loves to have his tummy rubbed and likes to cuddle up to Andy.  He doesn't like being alone and loves a lot of attention.  He's a wonderful pet.


"OPIE" is our short-tailed Opposum.  He's extremely friendly and loves to be held and enjoys hitching a ride around on our shoulders.


John-Boy's pet Hedgehog died, so his girlfriend gave him a Chinchilla for his birthday.  But it lives in his room.


We have many varied species of birds....mostly Finches, Canaries and Diamond Doves.  They all live in an aviary with live plants, trees and 2 small ponds in it.  We built it several years ago next to the living room.  There's a window in it so they're able to fly in the outdoor cage during the summertime.  They love it!


We have some really nice Fish, too!  They don't even bark and we've never had one bite us!


There is also some Guinea Pigs, Teddy Bear Hamsters, a Ferret, a Turtle, some Hermit Crabs, a Toad, some Frogs and little Lizards.  The Garter Snake died.   (I don't really miss him either)!

Lizard        Frog

And last, but not least, there's "HERBIE."  He's the newest addition to our family.  The grandkids entered their hamsters in a "Hamster Race" and won first place!  The grand prize ended up being a cage and a "Rat!"  That's just what we needed!  He's really friendly, though, so it's not so bad.



The Barnyard

There is a Sheep, "MISSY." We've had her since she was only 2 days old.  The kids used to bottle-feed her.  She thinks she's a dog now.  She runs along the fence "B-A-A-A-ING" while the dogs are barking.


The Pygmy Goat's name is "PEPPER."  He's getting very ornery, though and wants to play with the kids by butting them around with his horns.  We had to build him a separate pen.


We also have 4 Chickens and 3 Ducks. "CHICKEN-LITTLE" is the tamest one.  She always tries to sneak in the house to visit with the people.


Our Fallow Deer, "CUDDLES," was the best deer in all the world!  We got him as a 10-week-old fawn.  We don't have him anymore, though, because he has passed on to animal heaven.  He died from cancer when he was 8 years old, but he still lives in our hearts just the same.


He had jumped the fence a few times to go in search of a wife, so we ended up having to get another deer.  Her name was "SNUGGLES."  "Cuddles" had gotten me into lots of trouble with the City but they ended up letting me keep him after battling with them for about a year.  There were many wonderful people, though, that had acted on my behalf during that ordeal.  Amongst them was my dear brother, Tom; my wonderful cousin, Chuck; and the city councilman.  I will always be very grateful and appreciative to them for all they did to help me.

Cuddles Getting Away

We also had a small Muntjac Deer named "BENJI."  He lived about 8 years but died from a brain tumor.  So he's now romping around with "Cuddles" and "Snuggles" in animal heaven, too!


There was also "BIG BIRD."  He was a Rhea (a South-American version of an ostrich).  He was a wonderful pet, but after a few years, started to become very territorial of the back yard.  He wouldn't even let my husband walk to the garage!  We ended up finding him a good home in which he even acquired a wife!


"PEPSI" was the pot-bellied pig.  She was a very clean animal and was potty-trained.  But she soon learned how to open every cupboard in the kitchen and the refrigerator!  We just couldn't keep her away from the food.  We ended up putting her out in the back yard but, "Shikata," the Master of the back yard, wouldn't leave her alone.  He just kept chasing her around all day.  But now she's living on a farm and is very happy.


Well, that's all our pets.  Hopefully, we won't be adding any more to this list any time soon!

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Besides animals, I also love poems, music and stories.  I'd like to share a few of them with you that are about animals.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.  I've also included one very sad but beautiful song, "Old Shep."  It contains the words, music, a true short story and photos of Old Shep.  Just click on the one you'd like to read.

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