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"What is Pergamano?"

"Pergamano" is the brand name for the large assortment of books, courses, tools and supplies for "parchment paper crafts."  It is a relatively new creative hobby here in the U.S.  The specialized paper is most commonly used to create greeting cards, although many other decorative works of art can be made from the paper also, such as boxes, lampshades, and 3-D flowers.


"The Origin"

The origin of this exquisite craft began centuries ago.  In the very early days, holy pictures were made by nuns and monks in abbeys in countries such as Germany, Holland and Spain where the Catholic faith was strongest.  Real parchment, and later parchment paper was used.  The original techniques of painting, embossing and perforating is still used today.

In the 19th century France, Paris especially, the pictures became more romantic and sweet.  Cherubs, young girl heads and flowers began to appear on cards.  Many brilliant and beautiful ideas developed.

Through Spanish influence, the craft was brought to Columbia and other parts of South America.  It then spread to Holland where it became very popular.  It later crossed the borders to Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.  When the instruction books were translated into English, the craft then traveled to the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and is now in the United States.


The following thumbnails are some of the greeting cards that I have created.  You can click on the picture to see a larger version of the card.  I do hope to be adding more cards as time allows.  I also have one scrapbook page made with parchment paper in my Scrapbooking Place.

Flowers Kitty Angel Angel Parasol

Panda Deer Graduation Wedding

Heart Roses Wedding Lady

Christmas Bible Birthday


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