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As you already know, I love to create things.  I also love nature.  I feel very soothed when I hear the song of a bird, the crickets chirp, listening to and feeling the wind, hearing the music of water running down a river, when I see and smell the freshness of spring, or when I see the changing of all the beautiful colors in the autumn.

When I see, hear or feel the things that nature has to offer, I can know that life is really good.  To me, nature is a very beautiful and wondrous thing.  I have learned to really appreciate it a lot.

I think that is one of the reasons I love art so much.  I like to paint the things I love as it makes me feel very good inside.  The peacefulness of nature just seems to fill my whole being.

My greatest enjoyment comes from painting wildlife.  I guess that comes from my love of animals, which is also a part of nature.

I have moved the images of my paintings to my other website, "The Art Of Penny Parker."  It contains fine art prints of some of the oil and acrylic paintings that I've completed over the years along with some that I have digitally painted the past few years.  The site also contains some high resolution graphic CD's that may be used to create your own websets, stationery, or printed projects.  There is also a section of Linkware Websets I have created for you to use on your own web pages.

All my paintings are copyrighted but you are still welcome to use some of the images on your web pages.  If you use any of my pictures, please do the following on the same page that you use the picture on:

1. Give proper credit to me as the artist.

2. Indicate that the images are copyrighted by Penny Parker and are used with permission.

3. Provide a link back to my homepage at:

Please click here to go to "The Art Of Penny Parker."

I would like to give you my heartfelt thanks for visiting my "Paintings Place!"  I hope you will enjoy some of the paintings and that you'll come back soon!


Please click here for permission to use graphics.

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