I would first like you to know that I am delighted to share any of my backgrounds and matching graphics with you to decorate your web pages.  I would appreciate it if will please read the following message:


After receiving many requests for my graphics over the past few years, I am pleased to offer my other website, "The Art Of Penny Parker."  This site specializes in Art Prints, CD Sales and Linkware Graphics.  The site is located at: http://www.graphicsbypennyparker.com


MANY of the graphics I have on my personal website have been created from my own *ORIGINAL* drawings and artwork and SOME were made from the works of other artists or scanned from various images.  I would like you to know that all the graphics on my pages were hand made with much thought and love and many, many hours of time so that I could hopefully bring a little more beauty and love into the world and enjoyment to you.


If there are any backgrounds and/or matching graphics that you would like to use, there are only a few small things that I ask you in exchange ...

1. Please DO NOT use my graphics or backgrounds on any websites that is NOT appropriate for young people to view.

2. Under NO circumstances, the CREATION OF "TUBES" IS NOT ALLOWED and placed on any websites or passed around in graphic groups or to anyone else. To do so is a violation of the copyright laws.

3. Please do not add any graphics or backgrounds or redistribute them to any online collection of graphics and/or backgrounds.

4. I have tried to note any graphics that were created from other known artist works and it will be appreciated that they be given credit for their work as well as a link back to their site (if one is available).

5. If you will be kind enough to create a link back to me as the creator of the graphics on the same page the graphics are used on, it will be greatly appreciated and I will consider it a "Thank You."

The URL for the link is:

I have placed a small logo at the bottom of each page that contains my own original artwork that you can use as a graphic link.

~ OR ~

If you would rather just use text, it can be small and can look something like this:

Artwork By Penny Parker


I would love to hear from you in an email to
about the page you made.
I would love to see your creativity!

Thank you so very much for your understanding and your cooperation.  I wish you much enjoyment and success in your creative endeavors!

Penny Parker

* All my own *original* pictures and graphics are copyrighted (c) by Penny Parker unless otherwise noted.


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