Two New Friends
February 14, 2002


Donna wrote:

Dearest Penny,

I wrote this poem for you and Maria.  No one has ever been as nice to me in my life as you and Maria has been.  I can feel the light of Jesus shine through you.  I wanted to do something for the both of you to show you how much I appreciate your kindness to me.

I think God brings people in our lives to help us to grow in our faith.  I am so glad He decided it would be you.  I am going to thank Him for the rest of my life for this great gift.

I know He brings people in and out of our lives all the time so we will learn to love Him more.  I have always believed if you care for someone you should tell them.  And love is free.

This poem is just for you and Maria.  I hope you like it.  I'm not very good at writing but it is from the heart.  God bless!


"Two New Friends"


I have two new friends with gentle hearts,
I have never met them in person,
But their gentleness blossoms like flowers
In the spring.

The gifts and love and beauty
That they share with so many others,
Is a wonder to see,
They give great Glory to God.

Their gentleness and softness radiates
Through everything they do;
I know in my heart
These are two angels sent by God
For Jesus said beware you never know
When an angel will appear.

If I should die tomorrow,
I will know I've been blessed
By my two new friends;
Even if they're just a gift from God
For a little while,
I know they're here to help me grow.

~ Donna Jeanne Kramer ~


Donna, you have certainly touched a deep part of my heart with these precious words and they will always be a treasure to me.  You are like a beautiful angel that God has placed on earth for people like me and for that, I will always be grateful.  Thank you so very much for your love and your kindness.  I love you and truly cherish our friendship.  May God bless you, Donna!


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