The Butterfly Garden!

This is the place for the Homepages of some of my very special friends that have "Fluttered" into my life from the "Net."  I do hope you will visit their sites and enjoy their wonderful pages also.


Ginny's Place

If you like good poetry ... this is the place you won't want to miss!  Ginny has written many, many wonderful poems and her pages contain something for everyone ... inspirational, spiritual, humorous, and many more!


Songs and Poems by Elaine Hall

This is the home of a very kind lady that I have the good fortune of meeting.  Elaine has some really beautiful pages with poems and songs written by herself that you are sure to enjoy.


Eunice Powe's Poetry

Eunice is a wonderful poet and has many beautiful verses in her site along with some other subjects she enjoys ... Philosophy, Healing, Spiritualism, and many other interesting subjects.


Eric Nevatie's Web Site

A very talented artist who has many beautiful and unusual paintings ... some ocean wildlife and many wonderful paintings of Vietnam.  Eric served in the U.S. Marines during the Vietnam War and became the only Finn known in history to speak American-English with a Vietnamese accent!


Heavenly Angel

I'm very pleased that my friend, Donna, has finally gotten her own website.  She has created a wonderful Christian site with inspirational poems that she has written and many beautiful Linkware Websets she has created.  I am very blessed to have her for such a good friend.


Genelle's Gospel Music
Genelle's Christian Inspirations

A wonderful lady with two sites!  The Gospel Music is a must see site!  Genelle Tennant is a very talented person and has a fantastic and beautiful voice and you'll love listening to her songs.  She also has CD's for sale.  Her other site contains some beautiful pages with many inspirational poems.


Ruth Ann's Moments Of Memories

A very talented and generous lady whose site is beautifully designed and consists of some beautiful and inspirational poems, many written by herself.  I'm sure you'll find much enjoyment in this site!


Cherub's Homepage

This is the home of a very special and talented friend.  She is doing a wonderful job on her pages and is now making some beautiful snow globes to share with everyone.  I do hope you'll take just a little extra time to visit her site and sign her guestbook.  It would really mean a lot to her.

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