April 13, 2000

Penny is a friend
I've met in cyberspace,
Who sprinkles this world
With amazing grace;
She is blessed with children
And grandchildren, too,
And has a heavenly way
Of reflecting her views.

The following poem is dedicated to Penny

My World Is Blessed

My world is blessed
One hundred fold,
As I visit your pages
Where you lovingly mold
Visions of beauty
For the world to see,
Sprinkled by angels wings
Most certainly.

My world is blessed
Through words you share,
As a heavenly messenger
Who truly cares;
Reaching out,
Touching hearts,
Moved by God's Spirit
In your gift of art.

My world is blessed
By a kindred heart,
United in spirit ...
Though miles apart;
So I pray in thanksgiving
That you share this space,
Enriching the world
With God's amazing grace.

Written with love and prayers
For you and your family Penny ...
From a friend in Jesus,

~ Viola Doncaster ~
Nova Scotia, Canada

Oh Viola!  I am the one who has been so very blessed with this wonderful poem.  It has truly touched a very soft part of my heart  This poem is truly a treasure to me.  Many, many thanks to you.

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