My Rock


Sometimes I catch myself
Thinking “When I phone,
I can talk of this or that,”
Then remember, I’m alone.

She was always there
To answer my calls,
To listen to my “small talk,”
Or when I climbed the walls.

At times I didn’t feel like talking,
And somehow, she understood,
Didn’t say she wished I’d call,
Or make me feel like I should.

Now I wish I would have
More times, to show I cared,
To say just how important
Were all those times we shared.

I could have shown my love
So much more than I did;
I never did it enough,
Even when I was a kid.

Now it’s too late to do or say
All those things I wish I had,
No way to ease the pain inside,
When my heart is sad.

She was my “anchor” to this life,
The “rock” that I clung to,
The place where I could turn,
When nowhere else would do.

Now the ravages of time
Have worn my “rock” away,
And all I have to cling to
Are memories of yesterday.

~ Del "Abe" Jones ~

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