My Aging Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

Since I have grown older,
Things have changed a lot for me;
I have learned to make adjustments,
And do things differently.

For instance, now when I climb stairs,
I hold on to the rails;
I don't indulge in rich desserts,
And I do not drink cocktails.

I don't tote groceries in one bag,
Now, I ask for two;
I don't clean the whole house at one time,
A room or two will do.


It isn't just things physical,
My thinking's changed as well;
I don't read romance novels now,
I think biographies are swell.

I'm more selective with my movies,
My music choice has changed a lot;
Now I pick the slow and dreamy,
And skip what others say is "hot."

But, new thoughts now occur to me,
Perhaps of another nature;
From time to time I think about
My guardian angel's stature.


I thought that guardian angels
Should match one's age in years;
So they could truly understand
One's joys and one's tears.

Now, if that statement's really true,
My angel's hair should be snow white;
Her wings, most likely stiff from age,
So she can't do angel flights.

She probably wears bifocals, too,
She may even use a cane;
I suspect that her arthritis,
May have made her sore and lame.

But I guess she still can care for me,
Since I don't go anywhere;
I can not be too hard on her,
So, no more wear and tear.


For many years she's worked real hard,
Watching me was quite a chore;
And, while now I live so differently,
I just might need her more.

She'll be with me now I'm alone,
She'll soothe my tired brow;
She knows my pains and heartaches,
And how much I need God now.

Her line to God is still in place,
And, though she's slow and fragile;
She still communicates with Him,
There's no need to be so agile.


I think my guardian angel
Has grown old ... along with me;
And when my earthly ties are loosed,
She will help to set me free.

She'll take my hand ... we'll both go Home,
Our trip will be first rate;
Neither one of us will falter,
We'll help each other find the Gate.

~ Virginia Ellis ~
Copyright 2000

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