~ Motherhood ~

"If It Was Going To Be Easy,
It Never Would Have Started With Something
Called "Labor!"

But, that's what Motherhood is ... "A Labor Of love."  Even in spite of all the "Joys of Motherhood" I've encountered, it's still the greatest joy that I've ever known.

There is a legend that says that since God could not be physically present amongst all His people at all times, He created Mothers to take His place.  Looking at the smile of the face of a Mother as she looks at her baby explains it all very clearly.


As we age, we begin to realize the value of a mother's love and the enormous depth of her commitment to us.  No other relationship we form can ever be as close or profound as that with our mothers.

Every human being carries with him or her the seal of "Maternal Love."  We always remember the maternal tenderness which is very hard to remove from the heart.  Even when we grow old, there remains the distant memories and the strong desire to see our Mothers once again.


I am dedicating this page to my own mother, "Mimi," as a Special Memorial to her.  Sadly, I lost her in 1970 at the young age of only 44 years.  Her death was very unexpected and even though so many years have passed, there is still a veil of sadness that surrounds my heart because of her loss.  She will always live on in a very special part of my heart.


These pages are devoted to Mothers everywhere!  I've included some poems and quotes about Mothers and Motherhood that I've collected over the years.  Some are funny, some lyrical, and some may even bring tears to the eyes.  I do hope you will find some that you will enjoy.

Some of the authors are unknown but if you know the correct source of items listed, I will appreciate hearing from you so corrections can be made and proper credit given.

Click on the one you would like to see.

Why Do Mothers Cry?
A Mothers Love Outlasts Everything
A Baking Recipe For Mothers
The Girl I Used To Be
Where Does Mom Keep Her Memories?
The Signs Of Advanced Momhood
A Mother's Prayer
Love: A Variation On A Theme
A Mother ...
If I Had To Raise My Children Over Again
A Mother's Love
When God Created Mothers
Things Mothers Say
A Mother's Love
A Child's Angel
A Mother's Walk
Things My Mother Taught Me
What Do Mothers Do All Day?
Mothers Of Disabled Children
My Rock
For Moms
Before I Was A Mom

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