A Mother's Love

Look at the love in the mother's eyes
As she gazes gently at her fawn;
She also watches very diligently,
As danger springs from dawn to dawn.

She cleans her offspring often each day,
She is teaching him to learn her ways;
Her love for her baby is as no other,
His love for her ... he displays.

She is always alert to every noise,
She lifts her head to sniff the air;
She can tell when danger is poised,
To attack ... and they run from there.

A mother's love is the greatest of all,
Except for our Master's love;
A mother has the greatest call,
Her love is gentle as that of a dove.

She looks and listens to every breeze,
nose tuned into the wind;
She can scent danger from afar,
And she shall hide the baby downwind.

A mother's love ... a mother's love,
Is the greatest an animal can know;
Her baby knows of his mother's love,
That will protect him until he is grown.

~ Author Unknown ~

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