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Walk along the shore at midnight,
Listen to the ocean sounds,
Hear the movement of the water,
As it gently slaps the ground.

The stillness of the summer night
Allows the music to come through,
Hear the singing ... hear the sighing,
Notes that are enticing you.

Now look carefully in the moonlight,
Through the froth of ocean waves,
Can you see the tiny sea nymphs?
Do you see the wee mermaids?


Stories tell how they lure sailors,
To their doom beneath the depths,
That may be so ... I do not know,
But on calm nights, they are not threats.

They are a joy to behold,
These ocean damsels of the night,
Who dance and sway the night away,
Apparitions of delight.

Seaweed tresses flowing freely,
With the motion of the waves,
Groomed and combed by pretty seashells,
Unique for all mermaids.


Look closely; see the glimmer,
Starfish jewelry on their gowns,
Dangling earrings made from coral,
Beads of pearls twined around.

Treasure chests of Spanish doubloons,
From sunken ships of years gone by,
Tiddly-winks for playful mermaids,
As they toss them towards the sky.

See the bubbles ... mermaid giggles,
In their games of hide and seek,
They duck between the rocks and boulders,
Swimming in and out the reefs.


Beauteous creatures, fish-like bodies,
Rarely viewed by human eye,
Ah, you are more than just a mere man,
If a mermaid you have spied.

~ Virginia (Ginny) Ellis ~
Copyright 2001
Used with permission

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