Maude and Sue


Two little angels,
Sitting on a cloud,
Floating through the heavens,
Feeling very proud.

"This is grand," one angel said,
The other said, "You're right;
I could float around like this,
Every day and night."

The first one said, "My name is Maude,"
The second said, "I'm Sue;"
They shook their little angel wings,
And both said, "Howdy do!"

"You know," said Sue, "It's scary,
Being up so high;"
Maude just flipped a wing at her,
"Don't worry, we can fly."

"Well, sure we can," Sue smiled back,
"And I really like the view;"
Then she spread her lovely wings,
Saying, "See what I can do!"

Jumping up for lift-off,
Sue soared from the fluffy cloud;
Oh, oh! ... Something wasn't right,
Sue's wings felt very odd.

"Help!" she screamed, "I'm falling!"
Sue plummeted below!
Fast-acting Maude reached out at once,
And caught her by her halo!


"I've got you, honey, you're okay,"
Sue's fears were eased by Maude,
Who then slowly pulled her back
To the safety of the cloud.

"Oh, thank you, Maude!"  Sue hugged her,
She was reduced to tears;
"I think my wing has got a hole,
My rudder will not steer."

"How can I be an angel,
If I can no longer fly?
I'm next on God's assignment list,
Oh dear, I think that I will die."

"There, there," Maude patted her,
"Your wing can be repaired;"
"But don't you see," Sue cried some more,
"I can't fly anywhere.

"Hm-m-m," Maude thought and pondered,
"I guess we better pray;
She bowed her head, "Dear God," she said,
"Please help Sue fly away."

"Aha, I think I've got it,"
Maude reassured poor Sue;
"God has given me a plan,
Here's what He said to do."

"I will hold you with my left wing,
With my right wing, I will fly,
You hold on as best you can,
Spread-eagle, so you'll glide."

"But won't I be too heavy, Maude?"
The worried Sue then asked;
"No-o," said Maude, we'll make it work,
"Grab a wing and hold on fast."

So, the two angels, wing in wing,
Flew off the fleecy cloud;
Slowly and steadfastly,
They made it home to God.


Through rain and snow and sleet and hail,
Maude carried her friend Sue;
Why do you suppose she did this?
Because that's what angels do.

So, if some friend lends you a hand,
Remember angel Maude;
Your friend may be an angel, too,
With orders straight from God.

Or if situations be reversed
And you find you can assist,
You may not know you are an angel,
But you've made someone's angel list.

~ Virginia Ellis ~
Copyright 2000

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