The Most Magnificent Mountains


The most magnificent cathedrals,
That I've been blest to see,
Have filled me with great wonderment,
And deep humility.

These magnificent cathedrals,
Stand tall on hallowed ground,
Structures of great magnitude,
Indestructible and sound.

Built majestically and grand,
By the Master Architect,
Who had a holy place in mind,
When He put His plans into effect.


These magnificent cathedrals,
Have solid rocks for walls,
No stained glass windows or no panes,
But wide open over all.

The colors and the hues displayed,
Not mixed by ordinary man,
So vivid and intense are they,
They're surely from the Master's hand.


God's fresh air, most welcome there,
His favorite kind of incense,
Mixed with the scent of growing things,
All part of the magnificence.

These magnificent cathedrals,
Have spires that touch the sky,
Pure white at their very tops,
Because they rise so high.


Music for the Father's hymns,
From the finest instruments.
Breezes blowing through the trees,
Bird songs, sweet accompaniments,

These magnificent cathedrals,
Greet birds and beasts and men, alike,
To worship in sweet harmony,
At their Creator's pure delight.


These cathedrals are God's mountains,
Whose great magnificence
Reminds naive mankind,
Of men's insignificance.

I can't see a mountain from afar,
Nor climb up to its peak,
Without feeling I have come upon
A sacred place, unique.


I can't inhale fresh mountain air,
That is crisp and clean and clear,
Without thinking it's the perfume,
Of heaven's atmosphere.

I can't appreciate the mountains,
With their tints and tones and shades,
Without praising God and thanking Him
For each cathedral made.

~ Virginia Ellis ~
Copyright 2001

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