The dictionary describes "Love" as ... "a warm and tender liking;  deep feeling of fondness and friendship;  great affection or devotion."

My description of "Love" is that it's the most important and fulfilling emotion that we will ever feel.  It is the strongest feeling known.  It is something that can produce results as if by "Magic," because it works in many different ways that are so wondrous and strange.

Love is the one thing that the world could really use much more of.  It's the ONLY known thing that can abolish hate.  If we could ALL learn to truly "love" and open up our hearts, we could all be capable of learning so many of the other important things in life that really matter and the world would then become a place of peace.


Love can make us gentle, patient, caring, humble, appreciative, considerate, understanding, generous and kind.  Love is what keeps us from being hateful, unkind, envious, boastful, proud, vain, and rude.  It helps us to not insist on having our own way all the time, and it helps us to not be irritable, resentful, or malicious.

Love helps us judge with our hearts and not with our minds.  It is sympathetic toward others, is not prejudicial or judgmental, and it gives us the strength to forgive others.  If we let love enter our hearts, we can see more of the good in others and do not see as many faults.  All the things that seemed wrong to us begin to look right again when we look at it through the softness of love's gentle light.


There is nothing in life that love cannot change.  When we feel love, our hearts feel much lighter.  It lets us feel tenderness and warmth and it gives us a sense of "wholeness" that avoids loneliness.  It helps us bear hardships without complaint, and it endures suffering with a smile.  It can change the darkness into day and make things so much brighter for us.

Love is like a beautiful song that helps to soothe us when everything is going wrong.  It makes everything seem so satisfying.  It is a reason to want to keep growing and wanting to make ourselves become better.  It gives us a goal to work for as it is the only thing that can bring us true joy and peace within ourselves.  Love can give us a reason for living and something to live for.

Love is the source of life!


I would like to share with everyone some Poems, Stories and other things about "Love."  Some are funny, some lyrical and some may even bring tears to your eyes.  I do hope you will find some that you will enjoy.

Some of the authors are unknown but if you know the correct source of items listed, I will appreciate hearing from you so corrections can be made and proper credit given.

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Love Is ...
Love Me Now
A Parable Of True Love
A Tender Love Story
The Island
A Dozen Roses
The Creation
What Is Love?
Romance ... Redneck Style
Always Say I Love You
The Valentine Roses
The Last Rendezvous

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I hope you'll always remember that "Love" is the one treasure that multiplies by division ... the more you take away from it, the bigger it grows!

When it comes to "Love," it does pay to be an absolute spendthrift.  So empty your pockets, give it away, throw it away, and splash it everywhere!  Tomorrow you will have much more than you ever did before!

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