The Lion

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Lion of the forest,
Simba of the plains,
Monarch of the jungle,
King and Queen of mountain range.

First female discrimination,
In practice on the earth,
She hunts and kills and leads him there,
Lets him feed the very first.


He takes his due and pride, in stride,
She's maternal to a fault,
Lazy Majesty is he,
But then, as King, why not?

Pretentious, proud, and pompous,
Playful pussy-cat pretense,
One batting paw can maim and kill,
Needs no excuses or defense.


Their roars are heard for miles,
And, in the middle of the night,
Cause men to cower in sheer horror,
And cross themselves in fright.

Can take down a skittish beast,
Like a running, scared gazelle,
Attacks man as a last resort,
He prefers the beast to quell.


God-given royal status,
Yet, earned and self-maintained,
Unannoyed and respected,
The lordly lion reigns.

~ Virginia (Ginny) Ellis ~
Copyright 2000
Used with permission

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