Letting Go

Letting go is never easy,
Nor is it often kind;
Thoughts of what used to be,
Go running through your mind.

You'll bore all your friends,
Talking about the one you love so;
You'll regret the things said and unsaid,
And you'll ask, "Why'd you have to go?"

But the time will come,
When you'll let all the feelings show;
You'll cry rivers of tears,
But don't be afraid ... you're just letting go.


You'll feel like you've gone crazy,
And should be locked up in a padded cell;
Tho' way deep down inside you know,
That given time, you'll once again be well.

Just remember,
That as long as the memories are there,
A loved one never truly dies;
And we'll all meet once again,
In the sweet bye and bye.

~ Roy A. Kelly II ~

Thank you so very much, Roy,
for sharing this beautiful and encouraging poem.

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