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As I've already mentioned, these pages are dedicated to someone who is very, very special and dear to me ... my cousin, Joyce Padilla (who is also my newest "Earth Angel.")  The more I get to know her again, the more blessed I am becoming.  I am discovering so many wonderful things about her and would like to share some of these things with you.

Some of the things that I'm learning is that she is a LOT like myself!  She enjoys crafts, art, gardening, animals, bird-watching, cake decorating, sewing, crocheting, ceramics, hiking, and s-o-o-o-o many other fun things.  Her life's adventures have even enabled her to write some very beautiful poetry.  She is a very gifted and talented person.

I feel very honored and it brings me much pleasure and happiness to be fortunate enough to display some of her artwork and sharing part of my web site with her.  I do consider this a privilege and I hope you will enjoy these wonderful paintings as much as I do.

You may click on the picture to see a larger version of the painting.  I really do hope that as she gets more time, she will paint some more pictures to place in these pages.  (I'll just keep bugging her until she does!  *Grin*)

Just click on the picture you would like to see.

Jesus Flowers Winter

Angel Angel Angel

Joyce and I would both like to give you a great big
for visiting these special pages.

We do hope you enjoyed some of the paintings and that you'll come back soon!

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