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"Words that Enlighten ...
Are more Precious than Jewels."


I am so pleased that you decided to come here for a visit.  I sure hope you'll enjoy your stay.

It is with "much" love and appreciation that I dedicate these pages to one of my "Earth Angels,"  my dear cousin,  Charley Bosch.  Although he doesn't realize it, he has been ... and still is ... a true source of inspiration and enlightenment to me.

Although he has many problems that are far greater than mine, he has still been able to confront a very difficult life with a remarkable and courageous determination within himself.  It is because of him that I've been able to stop and realize just how small my worries are in comparison to others, and how I should try that much harder to be happy, understanding, tolerant, and caring toward others.  He has also been an inspiration for me to never to take anything in life for granted, and to be more appreciative for all that I have every day of my life.

These pages are just a small way of telling Charley that I love him and I'm so thankful and appreciative that he's part of my life.


The following pages in this part of my "place in cyberspace" contain a collection of stories, poems and verses that touched my heart or moved me in some way when I read them.  I found them to be thought provoking, inspirational and motivational.

It is my hope that some of them may offer you some source of enlightenment, insight and wisdom ... just as they brought to me.  Some of the pages may even touch your soul and others may bring tears to your eyes.  Some of them may even change your outlook on life and humanity.

No matter which page you read, I'm sure that each one will give you some sort of insight and different thoughts to ponder.

Some of the authors are unknown but if you know the correct source of items listed, I will appreciate hearing from you so corrections can be made and proper credit given.

Enjoy the stories and poems!
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The Most Beautiful Flower
I've Learned ...
The Stonecutter
God Gave Man The Earth
A Story To Live By
The Paradox Of Our Age
The Soldier
The Fence
Three Monkeys
The Cracked Pot
The Old Fisherman
Is It Any Wonder?
Dear Lord
The Graduation Speech
September 11, 2001
The Colors We Choose
God's Blessings
If Tomorrow Never Comes
You Are Blessed
My Riches
The Wolves Within
Value Of Time

Thank you for visiting this
"Place of Inspiration"

I do hope you enjoyed some of the pages and that you'll return again.

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