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If you like Hugs . . . you came to the right spot!  I don't believe there's near enough hugs in the world, so I thought it would be nice to create a "Hugs Place."

Hugs can mean so much and many things at the same time.  They can be a sign of love, friendship, comfort or anything!  Goodness knows we all need a hug once in awhile!  I do hope some of these hugs will help to brighten up your day!!!

I am dedicating this page to my cousin, Johnny Grosso.  He's always been the "Hugger" in our family.  I don't think a time has ever went by when we saw each other, that I wasn't given one of his cuddly "Bear Hugs!"  So here's some (((Hugs))) back to you, Johnny!!!


What is a Hug?

A hug is a great way to give someone a smile! Hugs also help to brighten up our day!

According to Mr. Webster, a "Hug" can be defined as:

1.a.  To clasp the arms around and hold close, esp. in affection; embrace closely.

1.b.  To grasp and squeeze tightly with the arms, as a bear does.  (A Bear Hug?)

2 a.  To keep close to:  The road hugs the river.

3.  To cling firmly to; cherish:  He hugged his miseries like a sulky child.

 Bear Hug 

Some of the Best things about Hugs are:

1.  Brings a smile to everyone involved!

2.  Can be given to anyone and shared by everyone!

3.  No Calories.  (Yes! Something this good is actually good for you, too) !!!

4.  Best of all ... when you give someone a hug, you
automatically get one in return!!!

So Hurry!

Give someone else a HUG today when you leave this page!!!  It will not only get you one back, but you'll also be helping to spread a little more sunshine around the world.

Teddy Bear

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Teddy Bears

Thank You so "Bear-y" much for visiting
The "Hugs" Place.

May you get lots of Hugs and much Love today!!!

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I do hope you have a Bear-y  Love-ly day!!!

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The Hugs Place was created on October 21, 1998
Last updated on September 1, 2011