How Much More?

Sometimes it seems my smallest task,
Becomes a major job;
That my valleys become deeper,
And my mountains taller, God.

Oft times my road seems longer, too,
And I cannot see its end;
More rocks fall down to trip me,
With bigger boulders 'round the bend.

I push and strive, press on and drive,
If need be, I can crawl;
Whatever it takes for me to survive,
Indeed, I do it all.

I sometimes stop and close my eyes,
I question why my test;
I think how hard I try each day,
And, God ... I do my best.

Perhaps I don't thank you enough
For the strengths you've given me,
And for your love sent from above,
And your gifts most heavenly.

You raise me to the summits,
You drop me to the depths;
My life swings like a pendulum,
Between the worst and best.

How many oceans yet to swim?
How many more mountains to climb?
How many valleys yet to crawl from?
Dear God ... will you give me more time?

~ Virginia Ellis ~
Copyright 2000

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