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It's the time of year when goblins, ghosts, skeletons, trick-or-treaters, and haunted houses all combine to make a most magical and fun-filled holiday called Halloween.

Halloween is the one time of the year when children can lose themselves in fun without worrying about normal, proper, or appropriate behavior and dreams.  They can look scary, silly, awful or glamorous ... look any way they please.  They can scare others and themselves;  they can masquerade and fool those around them, calling attention to themselves.  And on Halloween, it's all right.

Halloween has traditionally been a holiday for children.  But today, it has become our nation's Mardi Gras ... a wonderful family holiday.  It's a fun celebration for parents and children, enabling them to spend time together creating costumes, carving pumpkins, planning trick or treat activities, and participating in family parties.


I have included in these pages some Halloween poems and some of the origins of Halloween.  I do hope you will find something you can enjoy and perhaps, even bring a few smiles to you.

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An adorable song about a Black Cat
The Ghost Without A Boo
The Haunted House
The Pumpkin
A Halloween Legacy
Let The Children Be
The Jack O' Lantern
Origins and History Of Halloween


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