A Lifetime Guarantee

Will you take me back, dear Lord,
I've been gone from You so long;
I have lost track of all my sins,
And I've spent years in doing wrong.

I did so many prideful things,
And shamelessly did boast;
I broke so many loving hearts
And hurt the people I loved most.

I've heard about atonement,
I've been warned of Judgment Day;
And even though I listened,
I still strayed far away.

Will you welcome me again, dear Lord,
And forgive me one more time?
Will You share Your Father's love with me,
If I truly give You mine?

I'm so sorry that I left You, God,
I'm saddened now ... and low;
God smiled, "You didn't leave me, child,
I never let you go!"

"I promised you Salvation,
My Word cannot be undone;
You got a Lifetime Guarantee,
When I gave up my Precious Son."

~ Virginia Ellis ~
Copyright 1999

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