Love/Friendship Grinder
July 17, 1999


This was a very special and unique gift that I received from Vince Ferrari, the Owner-Operator and Chief-cook-and-bottle-washer of EN-VEE Toys in Joshua Tree, California.

Vince wrote:

Dear Penny,

I thoroughly enjoy your website!  Please accept this token of appreciation that I am sending to you.  May you find enjoyment from it.  As you can imagine, it produces only Love, but a lot of that.

Enjoy your free grinder, as I did enjoy making it for you!  It is my form of an "Award" to you, as I wouldn't know how to "construct" one on the computer.  This package is my "actual" website.


Vince, I am at a loss for words to you.  I absolutely love this little grinder and have found so much enjoyment from it.

When you signed my guestbook and said you wanted to send me a "toy," I must admit that I was pretty leery of you.  I couldn't imagine why anyone that I didn't even know, would want to send me a gift.  You cannot imagine how surprised I was when I received it!

Your grinder has worked so well, too!  It has surely sprinkled out a lot of love and friendship for you and Norene.  I do love you both!


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