God's Oven

Do you sometimes wonder, "What did I do to deserve this?" or "Why did this to happen to me?"  Here is a wonderful explanation!

No one sits down, eats a big spoonful of baking powder, and says, ďM-m-m-m-m ... thatís really good!Ē  The same holds true with a spoonful of shortening, raw eggs or flour.  By themselves, the tastes are not savory to the taste buds.  But when mixed together and put in the oven, the finished product of mixing those ingredients together is wonderful.

God works the same way in our lives.  Many times we wonder why He would let us go through such painful or difficult times.  The tribulation and suffering in our lives can be compared with swallowing these ingredients individually and raw.  By themselves, these things are distasteful and will probably turn your stomach.

However, in Godís hands, the problems that cause our heart to ache, becomes an invaluable product after He mixes and stirs the ingredients together, pours the batter into a pan and puts it in His special oven.  He bakes it at the right temperature and time.  He knows just how long to let the cake bake.  Sometimes it stays in His oven for YEARS!

We become impatient and want to taste the cake in the oven, thinking that it must be ready.  Of course, if we take the unfinished product out of the oven, we would know the result.  So it is with our life, sometimes we desperately seek for a quick fix solution.  The result would be similar to eating the unfinished cake that is still in the oven.

In the right time though, when everything is done according to Godís will and we are steadfast in trusting Him in midst of our problems, the result of all the pain and suffering that we experience will present opportunities for growth and make us stronger,  just like the delicious taste of the finished cake.

When weíre going through troubled times, sometimes it seems to be an eternity before things get better.  But when weíre in the midst of the fire ... when things are at their absolute worst, we must simply know, in our heart, that God is there.  He is in total control of the situation (if we allow Him), and is working all things out for our good.  When we try to keep things in our own control, thatís when we knock things off-kilter with Godís plans for our lives.  At that point God will have to work His plans for our life in a different way.  When He has to do that, sometimes the consequences of our actions have to play out, as severe as they may be.  But in the end, His plan will still come shining through.

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