God's Award For Penny
Delivered by GodsEagle777
May 29, 2000

I soared into your "place" by accident?  I think not!  God guided me here.

As I mentioned in your guestbook, we all have the greatest power in the world, and that's our power to choose.  You have chosen the path that God wished and hoped you would, when He gave you the creative talent and love that you display on this site.

So, here is my gift to you ...


I have grown weary,
As I soar through cyberspace,
I try to help those I can,
But it's hard to keep up the pace.

So many are really lost,
Others ... downright scared,
Many are just giving up,
They thought that no one cared.

I have asked our heavenly Father
To guide me where He wills,
But many places that I fly,
Turn into mountains ... and not just hills.

I sometimes don't have the words
That I feel people need to hear,
But, Penny, now I know what God wanted me to find
And I just want to cheer.

He sent me to "Penny's Place In Cyberspace,"
A place that I could rest,
Now, God don't like no junk,
So He sent me to the best.

I'm leaving here inspired,
And through Cyberspace I'll soar,
And I'll tell the lost and lonely
Of a site that's something more
Than they would suspect
And to come and see for themselves ...
That they really have to check.

I don't have a website,
No, I didn't have a home,
But now I have a place to rest
When I get too tired to roam.

I can't make awards,
Or create such pretty things,
But about your love of God and man,
The angel up here sings.

God showed me your website,
And lady, you really scored;
So when you go to heaven,
He'll give you His award.

It's one He wants us all to have,
As sure as stars above;
Wait!  You already have it!
You have His eternal love.

It shines out from all your pages,
And this is a promise to you from Him;
It will live through all the ages ...
A place of light in a world so dark and grim.

So, Penny, when you get tired
And give up earthly things,
He told me to bring you straight to heaven
Because you've already earned your wings.

He'll let me know when you are ready,
And I'll come to guide you there;
Because you deserve to be escorted
By his eagles and angels ... oh, so fair.

So, Penny, keep on sharing
Your talent and His love,
And know that legions are looking after you,
And all of those you love.

In the book of Isaiah,
He talks of eagle's wings,
It's in Chapter 40,
Among many other things.

Now you are appointed an "earthly angel"
‘Til He brings you home,
And I know that I will see you there
When I no longer have to roam.

Thank you for the ammunition
That I'll carry on each flight;
You keep on making pages,
And I'll use them in my fight.

When you look up and see an eagle,
Imagine that it's me,
And know that you have refreshed
And set my spirit free.

Thank you Penny,
From God and from me ...

~ Lyle Jorgensen ~

Oh my goodness, Lyle!  Your words are much too generous!  I have a long way to go before I "earn my wings."  :)

But, I would like you to know that I am so truly appreciative and grateful for your heart-touching sentiment.  From now on, everytime I see an eagle, my first thoughts will surely be of you.  This poem has brought much happiness and joy to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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