God Gave Man The Earth

The earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof ...

He gave it to man as a gift of His love

So all men might live as He hoped they would,

Sharing together all things that were good.


But man only destroyed the good earth of God.

He polluted the air and ravished the sod,

He cut down the forests with ruthless disdain.

And the earth's natural beauty he perverted for gain.


And now in an age filled with violent dissent,

Man finds he's imprisoned in his own discontent.

He has taken the earth that God placed in his care

And built his own hell without being aware

That the future we face was fashioned by man,

Who in ignorance resisted God's beautiful plan;

And what God created to be paradise

Became by man's lust and perversion and vice.


A cauldron of chaos in a fog of pollution

To which man can find no cure or solution.

How far man will go to complete his destruction

Is beyond a computer's robot deduction.

~ Helen Steiner Rice ~

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