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"Some people come into our lives and quickly go.
Some stay for awhile
And leave footprints on our hearts ...
And we are never, ever the same."

You have just entered into very special place!  These pages are a true labor of love and are dedicated to a very special and wonderful person who holds a very unusual and unique place in my heart.

My Ginny

I don't believe that Ginny's and my friendship is something that "just happened."  I believe that it is something that was created by God.  I have learned from life's experiences that when God wants to bless me, He always places a person in my life.  Her friendship is an extra-special blessing and it's one of the most precious gifts that God could have ever sent to me.

Ever since I've met Ginny, there have been so many wonderful things that have happened in my heart and she has added so much to my life.  The best way I can describe her is that I feel like she is my "other" mother.  She has a special warmth and understanding, ability to listen and to give good advice, and is a very sensitive person.  She has truly blessed me with her love and the joy that she brings through everything she does.


I would like to share with everyone how very beautifully she has written some poetry.  Ginny has opened up her heart to God and she paints with words as clear a picture as an artist would with oils.  It's as if she took paint and brushes and with a few masterly strokes, placed her God-inspired thoughts and heart-felt feelings down on canvas.  As you read her verses, try to listen carefully and you will hear from your heart that many of her poems express her own experience and emotions.

These poems have all touched a very special place in my heart and I hope that you'll appreciate these precious verses also.

I have tried to categorize some of her poems to make it easier for you to find something that you will find the most enjoyment in.  Just click on the poem in the different sections that you would like to read:


An Angel In Your Pocket
Your Special Angel
Origin Of Snow
My Aging Guardian Angel
Pudgy, Chubby Angels
Maude and Sue
God's Biggest Angel
My Golden Angel
Angels and Fairies


The Music Box
The Rocking Chair
The Candy Dish
Mama's Quilt
A Dissertation On Hats
A Rendezvous Of Bells
The Button Tin
The Greatest Show On Earth
Objects D'Heart
Miss Genevieve
Jones - The Piano Man
Mama, Mama - Look At You


Count Your Blessings
My Miracle
Little Church For Sale
Sisters Are Forever
More Whipped Cream
The Estate Sale
Ethel ... The Bag Lady
Mary, Mary
The Lesson Of The Bluebird
Pretty Lady From Vietnam
Peek A Boo!
The Dream Of The Crosses
Pillar Of The Church
Wise Child
Empty Houses
Helping Mother Pack
The Drawings
My Mountain
Wishing Wells
Happiness Is A Carousel Ride
God's Plan For Man


My Statement
The Old 3:16
The Preacher's Wife
When ...?
Teach Me To Pray
My Bible
A Lifetime Guarantee
Ready To Go Home
My Friend
Holy Trinity
How Much More?
The Touch Of God
Fully Guaranteed
The Portrait
When I Think My Load Is Heavy


(The following poems are in other sections of my website.
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Nature Verses
Mountain Nights
A Land Forgot
God's Waterfalls
Winter's Concert
Ocean Waves
Mother Africa
The Lion
The Tiger
Where Do Robins Go In The Rain?
God's Redwoods
The Elephant
His Eye Is On The Sparrow
The Swans
God's Irises
Autumn Leaves
The Most Magnificent Cathedrals
Oh Such Visions
The Leopard
The Gorilla
Mr. Chipmunk
The Old Cypress Tree

Miscellaneous Verses
Painting In My Attic   (Treasures)
God's Perfect Creation   (Pets)
Goodbye, My Friend  (Pets)
"Sit and Stay"  (Pets)
Elegant Hugs  (Hugs)
Hugs By The Yard  (Hugs)
Daddy Tears  (Fatherhood)
On A Child's Death   (Comfort)
On The Death Of A 13-Year-Old   (Comfort)
About Eddy  (Comfort)
Life's Losses  (Comfort)
A Tender Love Story   (Love)
The Last Rendezvous   (Love)
Thank You Dad   (Unforgotten)
Mermaids   (Enchantment)
The Old Man and The Mermaid   (Enchantment)
Mermaid With The Golden Hair   (Enchantment)
They Raised Their Golden Goblets - 9/11/01  (Inspiration)
Goodnight My Little Mikey  (Childhood)
Angel Of America  (Unforgotten)
For My Dad  (Comfort)
God's Gift  (Friendship)

Holiday Verses
Never Pick Up A Leprechaun   (St. Patrick's Day)
I Wonder   (Easter)
Three Days Of Tears   (Easter)
Easter Chickies   (Easter)
The Chocolate Easter Bunny   (Easter)
The Ghost Without A Boo    (Halloween)
Candelabra   (Halloween)
The Haunted House    (Halloween)
The Pumpkin   (Halloween)
A Halloween Legacy    (Halloween)
T-H-A-N-K-S-G-I-V-I-N-G    (Thanksgiving)
The Christmas Wish   (Christmas)
Christmas Tree Angel   (Christmas)
The Lord and Santa Claus   (Christmas)

Thank you so very much for visiting "Ginny's Inspirational Poetry!"  I do hope you enjoyed your visit here and will come back.  I will be adding more of her poems as time permits.

I would also like to give my heartfelt thanks to Ginny for allowing me to share these poems with everyone.  I also want to thank her for her special kind of love, thank her for caring, thank her for being in my life, thank her for being my friend, and thank her for being my "other" mother.

I really do love you lots, Ginny!

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on her own website, please "Click Here."

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