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"In all of us there is a hunger, marrow-deep,
to know our heritage,
to know who we are ... and where we came from."

~ Alex Haley ~

Family Tree

These pages are dedicated to all those who have gone before us and paved the way for us to be where we are today.   Our ancestors truly are a part of us and who we are.

I was bitten by the genealogy bug back in 1975.  It's a hobby that I've pursued off and on ever since.  (There's just TOO many hobbies and not enough time)!  It's something that I wanted to pass along to my children, grandchildren and other members of our family.  Since then, I have been blessed by having two wonderful cousins, Chuck Miller and Carolyn Selby, searching our roots also. It has brought me much pleasure working with them.

Searching for my roots has brought much enjoyment into my life.  I've especially enjoyed meeting relatives that I didn't even know we had.  When my children were young, one of my favorite pastimes was hanging around cemeteries.  The kids soon began to groan everytime I'd ever even come near one!  They still talk about it after all these years.

There was also the time I drug my young kids off with me to spend a week at the world-famous Mormon Archives Library in Salt Lake City.  Would you believe that my ancestors were the only people I couldn't find among the 3 billion names that were there?

All joking aside, Genealogy is something that I've always taken seriously because if it wasn't for our ancestors we would not be here today.  I want to educate myself and my family to the best of my ability about our history and PROUD heritage.  I want to present our ancestors as "real" people by placing some of the "Flesh" back on their "Bones."   I want my children to know that those two people whose names and dates appeared on a piece of paper were "Real" people.

I've been trying to learn more about the history of different periods of time to better understand their personal histories.  I want to know more about the things that hurt them and the things that gave them pleasure.

Although wars, fashions and customs change, some things are eternal...love, pride in children, devotion to country, sadness at the death of loved ones and joy at the success of a crop or a new job.  I have discovered that deeds can sometimes tell us of their financial histories.  Church records can tell us for whom they mourned or celebrated.  Court records can tell us how well they got along with their neighbors or civil authorities.

My heart cries for them when I think about some of the enormous pain they must have felt and had to endure during their lifetimes.  I think how terrible it must have felt to leave their parents behind who knew they'd never see their children again or have a share in their grandchildren's lives and fate.

I can only imagine the pain they must have felt when they left their settled homelands and moved to a new land where many dangers faced them and their children.  "Back home" was seething with wars and rumors of wars.  We can only imagine the fear and worry they felt for their families and friends back home.

They must have also had many fears for their children in the new land as well.  There were so many deaths of newborns and young children.  Too many mothers died during childbirth.  There was so much sickness and disease because of the lack of proper medical care.

We have no idea of the unremitting labor it took for the first settlers to just survive.  What did they do to survive?  Unless they were wealthy and could have certain goods shipped over here, they had to do without or make it themselves.  What did they do for fun?  Go to church, sing, dance (if religion permitted it), tell stories, visit, and make descendants.

I truly love all my ancestors, even those whose names I don't know.  I want to allow them to rise from their anonymous mists to become "flesh" once again, to give them the due honor they deserve.

On this page, I have included only our Direct Ancestors. For more details on my Mother's Family, you can go to my cousin Chuck's web site.  He has compiled an incredible amount of information and has spent countless hours putting it all together.  He has collected it all...the roots, trunk, bark, branches, limbs and even the leaves!!!  I, for one, am very appreciative for all the love and time he's devoted into his research for his family.

The Primary Surnames I am researching:


Please contact me at the E-Mail address near the bottom of this page if you have any information about any of these families or think we might be "Cousins."  I'd sure love to hear from YOU!!!

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