Friendship Bear


My name is Friendship Bear
and someone sent me to visit you!

I'm not a very fancy bear,
I'm rather plain and kind of small,
Even so ... someone who likes you
Said I should give you a call.

You can hide me under a pillow
Or set me on a shelf,
And when you feel discouraged,
I will do my best to help.


I'm sitting on my favorite blanket
That I snuggle when I'm sad,
It was a present from my Granny,
Made for days when things seemed bad.

My Granny always told me,
"Life is like this 'ol blanket,
‘Cause if you give the pieces to Jesus,
He'll make a perfect quilt."


Sometimes I don't see a pattern,
And sometimes He seems far away,
That is when I clutch my blanket,
And pray ... pray ... pray!

Though I don't have all the answers,
‘Cause I'm just a friendly bear,
I've been sent here on this mission
From someone who really cares.


So every time you see me,
Please remember this ...
The person who sent me to you,
Keeps you in their thoughts and prayers.

~ Author Unknown ~

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Original music entitled "The Butterfly"
is composed and copyrighted © 2000 by Bruce DeBoer
Used With Permission.

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