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"Any Man Can Be A Father ...
 But It Takes Someone SPECIAL to be A Dad!"

Dancing Flowers

I would like to take this time and opportunity to share someone very special with you.  I am dedicating this page to my father,  TOM,  to thank him from the bottom of my heart for everything he's ever done, and to show how much he really means to me.  He's sure been one heck of a father!

A man is celebrated NOT for the material wealth he has accumulated, or for the power he wields, but for the love he inspires in his family and friends.  My father is a man whose love and generosity is unlimited.

As I've grown older, I've been able to see a much different perspective of a man I've always known.   The years have led me where I am now, weathered with maturity and responsibilities.  I can see much more clearly now the hardships, burdens of love, and the very many sacrifices he made for me and for our family.  I don't believe we could have ever found a more dedicated father than what he's always been to us.


He has taught me, through his words and actions, the meaning of love, honesty, hard work and making sacrifices.  He has always stood behind his children and always accepted us as the people we are.  We have been truly blessed to have such a wonderful father whom we can also call our friend.


Thank you, Dad, for everything you've ever done for me, Tom, Nicky, Eddy and Nick.  The same goes from your "other kids" Bob and Fred, along with all the others you have taken care of through the years.  We all love and respect you so very much!

(To see a couple of other pictures of our wonderful father, just click  "here."  You'll be surprised at what you'll see!!!)

Dancing Flowers

I would like to share with everyone some Poems, Quotes, Songs and other things about Fathers.  I hope you will enjoy some of them.

Some of the authors are unknown but if you know the correct source of items listed, I will appreciate hearing from you so corrections can be made and proper credit given.


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